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Film studio ABRA-MEDIA offers to organize and conduct training in film and photography. In the era of ubiquitous media our offer is addressed to companies and institutions wishing to carry out the reportage photography, archival films and recordings dedicated to the Internet.

The photography course provide theoretical lessons related to the composition of the frame and the techniques used during shooting specialist. We bring the principle of the right choice of shutter speed, ISO, aperture and prevail over depth of field, lighting techniques, etc. The course also has a practical exercise carried out under the supervision of recognized photographers.

Film course consists of theoretical and practical. In the case of the database owned by the Principal hardware (camera, light, sound, editing), our classes can be targeted to fully utilize the devices within a specific production line.

During the course of the movie are provided theoretical related to:

- The composition of the frame,

- The principles of optics,

- Types of light used in the film,

- The basics of video editing,

- Trascoding video and audio to the form of files used by social media.

Practical component of the course is the independent work with the camera under the guidance of experienced operators, TV and then montage recorded material on digital film processing.