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Video card or videoblog is a film way for the existence in the Internet.

„One picture is worth a thousand words”.

In the age of social networking we go up against The companies and their owners. You can now order a video showing a business card of your business in a professional way. The finished product will be received from us in the form of a video file prepared to issue on the Internet (YouTube, Facebook, Google +, etc.).

The final product does not exceed 90 seconds and is in reach of everyone !

The offer price was prepared in 2 options.

The first option „video art” showing the beauty and atmosphere of the place. In the course of care mostly about the visual layering. The camera operates smoothly. We use the driving compartment and image stabilizing device. In the background with us previously chosen music and graphic elements. The purpose of the film is to show the „spirit” of the company.

The second, less expensive variants „video blog” is focused on the recording of interesting statements showing the idea of ​​the company and placed in the business goals. -Reporting nature of this form is enriched with many shots of the location, products, services. Each video contains an impressive assembly and carefully chosen background music.

Film studio ABRA-MEDIA in the offer provides free access to their own music database contains songs with the right to issue in the internet.

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