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Need to make a movie to the Internet, advertising, TV coverage of the event or company?

Looking for a company that will provide a team of reporter or Multicamera conference service?

Looking for ideas for the creation of their own brand of video on the Web?

Trust us!

Film studio in Warsaw invites you to cooperate.

We provide the highest quality of our services and competitive prices.

The ABRA-MEDIA offers you professional film services always top notch. Our film studio is fully equipped with modern equipment, so that we can effectively implement Multicamera reports, multimedia shows, television programs and broadcasts and transmissions. When you want to have TV service an important business meeting, conference or outdoor event, we are always at your disposal.

Our experienced staff will ensure that the report or the transmission was perfect in every detail. Prepared material may be used by you in order to promote the event, it can also be relayed via the Internet and television, as our signal meets all technical requirements. Produced by us and live footage are always created according to customer needs and created a scenario. We always offer our advice. If you need a professional film studio in the ABRA-MEDIA get professional support.

We invite you to use our services!